Preserve Family Harmony:
Name Stifel Trust as your Successor Trustee

Your Successor Trustee

When preparing your estate plan, one of the most important decisions you'll make is who to name trustee or successor trustee of your trust. Often a family member seems like the most logical choice. After all, they are familiar with you and your wishes and with the other members of the family. But, a family member is not always the best choice to manage the complicated needs, duties, and responsibilities of being trustee.

Consider the benefits of naming Stifel Trust as your professional, corporate trustee:

  • AVAILABILITY: Individuals get sick, take vacations, and get distracted or busy with other obligations. Stifel Trust will be on the job continuously, has the aptitude for numbers, the expertise for trust tax preparation, and extensive investment management resources.
  • SYSTEMS AND SUPPORT: Stifel Trust utilizes state-of-the-art recordkeeping, asset tracking, reporting, and statement systems. Our staff is backed by specialists with extensive training and experience to provide the services needed to fulfill a trustee's duties. And we call on the resources of Stifel for security, program redundancy, and disaster recovery. We've got the bases covered.
  • INVESTMENT EXPERTISE: Stifel Trust's Investment team understands the rules and regulations that govern investing as a fiduciary. In tandem with your Stifel Financial Advisor, we construct and monitor asset allocations and other critical investment functions to meet the needs of your trust.
  • IMPARTIALITY: A corporate trustee is impartial among the competing interests of family members and beneficiaries. Stifel Trust is not prone to being "caught in the middle" the way a family member might. Our focus is on carrying out your wishes and acting in the best interest of the trust and its beneficiaries.

Before risking family harmony and burdening a family member with the work, responsibility, and potential liability that comes with serving as a trustee, consider the alternative. Using Stifel Trust as corporate trustee may help keep your family harmony.

For more information on Professional Trustee Services, please contact your Stifel Financial Advisor.