Establishing a plan to preserve your wealth and transfer it to future generations takes a great deal of care and forethought.

Often a family member, like a spouse or an adult child, is named trustee or successor trustee in many estate plans. This person is familiar with the other family members who are beneficiaries. Sometimes an oldest child, or a child who is a professional or has "good business sense," may even expect to be called upon to oversee a parent's trust or estate.

Make no mistake about it, serving as a trustee is a job, not an honor.
And it's not always an easy job.

With Stifel Trust, the individual trustee retains authority and control over the account

Help For Individual Trustees Small

It may be difficult to meet all of the time-consuming obligations of serving as trustee along with the demands of a career, a busy family life, and civic and social responsibilities.

Trustees have many important responsibilities imposed by law
  • Keep the trust's assets invested and productive
  • Invest assets in a certain manner to meet "prudent investor" laws
  • Keep careful records for tax reporting purposes
  • Provide beneficiaries with tax information and periodic accounting

So where can an individual trustee turn for help? To a professional trustee, like Stifel Trust.


An individual trustee can get help with investments and record keeping from Stifel Trust. We can provide the same kind of investment management, record keeping, statements, and reports that we provide to accounts for which we serve as trustee. Stifel Trust helps free up the family member-trustee's time by taking on some of the "heavy lifting."

To see if Stifel Trust can help you more efficiently fulfill your obligations as a trustee,
contact your Stifel Financial Advisor.