Service and Expertise:
Transfer your Trust Account to Stifel Trust


When selecting a trust company or professional trustee, look for SERVICE and EXPERTISE. You need someone who knows how to get the job done and will provide you white glove service in the process.

One of the most important estate planning decisions you will face: "Who should I designate as trustee of my trust? Who is best suited to take care of financial matter for my beneficiaries?" Often the choice is a professional trustee - a trust company.

All trust companies are capable of managing a trust's portfolio, cutting checks, and keeping accurate records. But what differentiates Stifel Trust is how we relate to our clients.

  • Who treats you like your business is valued?
  • Who treats you like a unique individual and not just an account number?
  • Who really listens to you and understands your point of view?
Transfer Your Trust
Because Stifel Trust collaborates with your Stifel Financial Advisor, we are well positioned to deliver "white glove" service as your trustee. In effect, you have three professionals you can turn to for service: your Stifel Financial Advisor, your dedicated Trust Officer, and your Investment Officer at Stifel Trust. These Professionals will handle your needs professionally, efficiently, and with care.
With Stifel Trust, you will work with people who know you by name, not random employees who answer a toll-free number. Our team is supported by the experience, talent, and resources of Stifel; we leverage Stifel's asset allocation and investment programs, research, and oversight. The result is a set of investment options that offers broad diversification and allows us to build portfolios appropriate for the goals and risk tolerances specific to each trust.
To explore transferring your trust account to Stifel Trust: click here.

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.
For more information on transferring your trust account to Stifel Trust, please contact your Stifel Financial Advisor.