Privacy, Planning, and Providing for Your Family:
Your Revocable Living Trust


A "revocable living trust" is a trust that a person creates during his or her lifetime. The creator of the trust, called the "grantor," will often be the initial trustee. A "successor trustee" is designated in the trust document to become trustee upon the grantor's death or incapacity. Naming Stifel Trust as professional, corporate trustee will help ensure your wishes are carried out.

As your successor trustee, Stifel Trust has no authority or involvement, provides no services, and charges no fees while you or another trustee is serving.

Successor Trustee Services

People create revocable living trusts for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Avoiding probate upon the death of the creator of the trust
  • As part of an estate and/or income tax planning strategy
  • Privacy (because trusts are private unlike the public probate process)
  • Providing for management of assets and expenses should the creator of the trust become incapacitated
  • Ensuring ongoing management of assets for the benefit of family members and other beneficiaries following the creator's death
  • Protecting beneficiaries from losing their inheritance because of a lawsuit, divorce, or bankruptcy

As a corporate trustee, Stifel Trust professionals understand specialized trust matters like record keeping, administration, and investing. We are impartial and are subject to various regulators.


When the time comes for Stifel Trust to serve as trustee, we provide the following services:

  • Administration of the trust according to its terms
  • Prudent management of trust assets
  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Collection of dividends, interest, and other income
  • Efficient cash management
  • Bill payment
  • Payments to beneficiaries
  • Preparation of the trust's income tax return
  • Tax information for beneficiaries
  • Proxy voting
  • Monthly statements
For more information on Successor Trustee Services, please contact your Stifel Financial Advisor.