Managing Agency Account: prudent and efficient oversight.
And you have the final word.

If you want to have assets managed in the prudent manner of a professional trustee, but still want to retain "final say" over investment decisions, a "managing agency" account may be right for you.

Investment Management Services

Managing Agency Accounts are often used by civic, charitable, and religious organizations, or by individuals who are serving as a trustee.

As a managing agent, Stifel Trust provides the following services:

  • Prudent management of assets
  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Collection of dividends, interest, etc.
  • Efficient cash management
  • Bill payment
  • Annual tax information letter
  • Proxy voting
  • Monthly statements

The Investment Officers at Stifel Trust are backed by the experience, talent, and resources of Stifel. In managing trust assets, Stifel Trust leverages Stifel's investment programs, research, and due diligence. The result is investment options that offer broad diversification and portfolios appropriate for the goals and risk tolerances specific to each trust.

For more information on Stifel Trust Investment Management Services, contact your Stifel Financial Advisor.