Information For Attorneys:
Drafting Documents Naming Stifel Trust

Stifel Trust is pleased to serve as trustee, co-trustee, managing agent, or custodian for clients who want a corporate trustee. We would appreciate the opportunity to review any document under which we are to serve. We do not need to review, and generally do not sign, documents in which we are named only in a future capacity. We do not generally serve as agent under a health care power of attorney, nor guardian of a person or of assets under a general power of attorney.

In general, there is no "required language" for documents in which Stifel Trust is named. One exception is irrevocable life insurance trusts that will own policies the client is purchasing through his or her Stifel Financial Advisor. In that case, our "Authority to Deal With Affiliates" clause must be included. The other clauses linked here are provided for your convenience and reference.

In all documents naming Stifel Trust as fiduciary, the correct designation is Stifel Trust Company, N.A.

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Stifel Trust is chartered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and, as such, may serve clients in all states.