About Stifel Trust Company, N.A.

Many people think of trusts as financial tools exclusively for the super rich; to protect generations of accumulated wealth and keep "Junior" from blowing his inheritance on fast cars and ill-fated schemes.

Once upon a time, that may have been accurate, but not any longer.

Today, trusts are established to transfer wealth, accommodate tax regulations, direct charitable giving, and care for family members. Trusts are often chosen as a method to pass assets from one generation to the next outside of the probate courts, because trusts are private while probate is a public process.


With your Stifel Financial Advisor's investing experience and estate planning resources, Stifel Trust completes the circle.

Meet the Stifel Trust Team
Marian Toth, Administrative Assistant; Rakesh Contractor, Director of Trust Investments; Peter Oster, Chief Fiduciary Officer; Carrie Holloway, Executive Assistant; Susan Potthast, Director of Personal Trust Administration; Jay Harker, Director of Marketing and New Business Development; Kurt Longworth, President and Chief Operating Officer; Michelle Forgach, Chief Compliance Officer; and Shannon Petrea, Trust Operations Manager.

To discuss your need for a trust, please contact us directly, or through your Stifel Financial Advisor. We will be happy to review your current situation and future needs to help determine if you could benefit from the services of a professional trustee. Stifel Trust is ready to help handle all of the details, serving as corporate trustee of your trust account. We can also help in a more a la carte format with individuals who are serving as trustee to help with your fiduciary responsibility, provide investing support, or documentation and tax reporting.

Together with your Stifel Financial Advisor, Stifel Trust provides the service and resources you need to complete or enact your estate plan: Trust Services. Stifel Trust works in tandem with your Stifel Financial Advisor and your other trusted professionals to provide continuity of your investment plan and estate objectives even after you are gone.

The experienced professionals at Stifel Trust Company, N.A. are a ready resource for clients who may benefit from professional trust services.

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